Warrior Heart, Pilgrim Soul: An Immigrant’s Journey – SIGNED COPY HARDCOVER


Believing that the ultimate value of poetry lies in facilitating man’s search for meaning, poet Maria Victoria A. Grageda-Smith strives to write poetry that is not only accessible to the greater reading masses of everyday people but also suggests a glimmer of hope even in the most deplorable human conditions. This is the driving force and paramount voice in “Warrior Heart, Pilgrim Soul: An Immigrant’s Journey,” her first book of poems.

“Who am I as a writer?” Ms. Grageda-Smith asks in the Preface of this book. In attempting an answer, she discovers that, like her beloved native country and people, she is, as her poem, “A Letter to My Mother” describes, “…always seemingly caught between worlds–neither here nor there, neither this nor that, eluding tidy description, belonging nowhere….” This collection chronicles the inherently conflicted yet ultimately rich and textured journey of an immigrant woman compelled to achieve a radical redefinition of individual and national identity against a backdrop of life-changing circumstances and parallel historical developments in the United States and the world.

Here are what a couple of critics say about “Warrior Heart, Pilgrim Soul: An Immigrant’s Journey: “A cohesive poetry collection that…. boldly address(es) the beauty and ugliness of life…. in grand sweeping language…. (R)eaders will delight in…. original perspectives on well-worn tropes…. A forceful poetic expression of art and the self.” –Kirkus Reviews “….excellent writing…. elegant, meaningful and powerful… descriptions and images are exquisite… (H)er voice is intelligent but does not overpower…. I like the way (she) gives us something to think about and teach us awareness …. (of) love and appreciation for life…. (G)ood universal poetry (that) shows (her) passion for all mankind…. compassion for all who suffer and (her desire) to make the world a better place. But even in this sadness (she doesn’t) bring us down.” –Pat Underwood, multi-awarded poet and author of the poetry collection, “Gatherings”

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