2013 Chicago Filipino-American Hall of Fame

The author wearing a traditonal Philippine women's gown called, "terno"
Awarding ceremonies
Event media photo of Author Victoria G. Smith
The author with her family.
Pre-awarding photo-taking in Des Moines, IA. The Author is wearing a traditional Philippine gown called the "Maria Clara."
The author with her husband.
The author with her husband.
The Author with her daughter.
The launching of Author Victoria G. Smith's first poetry collection, "Warrior Heart, Pilgrim Soul: An Immigrant's Journey"
Freind Zen Vida pinning cosrsage on the author.
The author with friends, Mr & Mrs. Roberto Vida and Ms. Emily Catipon Pennings.
The author with her high school chums who came ot help and support her: From L-R, Agnes Dizon, Liza Ayson, and Angie Antener.
The author with her VIA Times publsisher, Ms. Vernocia Leighton and a fellow columnist, Ms. Girlie Pascual.
The author with friends among whom are Engr. Alex Trampe and Ms.Tonee Sichay.
TV interview with Ms. Jovie Calma.
With Ms. Jovie Calma and Mr. RJ Santos.
The author with some friends amon whom are Ms. Joy Strachura and  Ms. Salvacion Carael.
The author with some friends, among whom is Mr. Joel Liquicia.
The author with her son.
The Author and her friend,, Ms Zen Vida.
With the Author's friend, Jojo Alvarez.
The autho9r with her friend, Ms. Lyn Funkhouser.
The author with the Philippine Diplomatic Trade officer and Ms. Funkhouser.
The authir with her publsiher and friend, Ms. Vernica Leighton who nominated her for the award.
The night before the event: the Author and her friends, Agnes Dizon and Lisa Ayson, helping her to prepare the books to be given as gifts to the author's fellow awardees.
Des Moines Philippine support group souvenir ad photo: with friends Bob and Zen Vida, Ms. Emily Catipon Pennings, Roger and Joy Stachura, and Ms. Tonee Sichay.
Des Moines Philippine support group
Des Moines Philippine support group